whale net black tights being worn with some very ripped denim jeans

What To Wear With Your Fishnet Tights

We love fishnet tights here at Simply Joshimo and we love seeing all the fun ways in which you can wear them.

Here are a few of our favourites. Whether you would like them for holiday, an evening out or for everyday wear, they are guaranteed to look great!

Whale Net Tights Paired With Ripped Jeans

Why not pair your whale net fishnets with some distressed jeans for the ultimate fashion look. A bigger, open net will give your look more impact! These nets come in various colours but here we showcase the classic black. They are made from a  stretchy material which gives them that added flexibility to different sizes and body shapes. They are a versatile legwear staple!

Black Fishnets Layered With Shorts
These classic fishnets are a must have accessory this year. If you want to show off your fishnets try layering them with some shorts for a fun and fashionable look. Here we have paired them with some white denim and I'm sure you'll agree that this colour combination really makes them stand out!
Fishnet Tights Layered With White Denim Shorts
Fishnet Tights & High Heels

For an elegant and classy look, why not wear your regular fishnet tights with some of your favourite heels! These tights come in an array of colours and so you're guaranteed a colour match with every pair of shoes you own! Here we have paired black with black for a cute but classy look. For subtle sophistication and a layer of glamour why not try wearing a black court shoe or bright knee high boot.
Fishnet Tights and High Heels
Micro Nets With a Mini Skirt or Dress

Make an instant statement by pairing your micro net tights with your favourite denim skirt. Our micro nets paired with a short skirt are not only a fun combination but they create a really sexy look too. A small edition can enhance your whole outfit. 
Micro Fishnet Tights With a Mini Skirt

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