How To Put Fishnet Tights On Without Tangling

How To Put Fishnet Tights On Without Tangling

Fishnet tights have come back into fashion over the last few years. Despite this, there is very little information on how to put on and take off your tights without ripping or tangling them. For the larger net tights and whale net tights especially these tips should help make the whole process easier.

Before you begin, remove any rings as these will increase your chance of ripping your tights and they will also make putting them on and taking them off more tricky.

Putting on your fishnets...

Hold the tights at the band with your thumbs inside. Gather one leg at a time and slowly bunch the tights all the way down to the toe. This must be done slowly and carefully to prevent them from tangling. 

putting on fishnet tights without tangling them

Slowly roll the tights or stockings up each leg and to the knee adjusting them gently if needed.

adjusting your black fishnet tights

Once both tights are at the knee, stand up and gently continue to roll them up to your waist.

The key to preventing tangling and ripping is to take your time! 


Taking off your fishnets...

Gently slide the waist band down to your thighs.

Pull the tights from the toes as this prevents them from tangling. You may have to shimmer them down from the top too to keep them moving but usually they will just slide off smoothly by pulling them at the toe.

Fold your tights up neatly so that they don't tangle and they are ready for their next wear.


How to store your fishnet tights...

It is important to store your fishnets in the right way because they can easily become tangled and untangling them can become a mission on its own! Always fold or roll your tights when unworn and either store them in a drawer or store them in individual laundry bags. These can later be used for washing them in.

 pink laundry bag for storing tights in

What if your tights do get tangled?

Tights can become tangled very easily so here are some tips to try and untangle them without ripping them. Remember that fishnet tights are very delicate so take your time when doing this.

  • Soak the tights in warm water and fabric conditioner. This makes the fabric more flexible when you try to untangle them.
  • Lie the tights out flat and starting from the waist, try to straighten them, gently pushing the knots out if you able to. This can take some time so be patient.
  • Once untangled, lay them flat to dry and then iron to smooth out any wrinkles.

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