rhinestone encrusted whale net christmas tights with a red skirt

Tights recommendations for Christmas 2023

We love Christmas here at Simply Joshimo and we love seeing all the fun tights going out.

Here are a few of our favourite Christmas tights. Whether you would like them for a fancy dress, an evening out or you would just like to get into that Christmassy mood.

Simply Joshimo Rhinestone Encrusted Whale Net Tights

If you fancy adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit then these are the tights for you! These rhinestone whale nets come in black, red and white meaning they are a perfect colour match for all types of outfit. They are made from a super stretchy material which gives that added flexibility to different sizes and body shapes. These sparkly tights can be coupled with so many different outfits and they are always guaranteed to look amazing!
Christmas rhinestone fishnet tights

Simply Joshimo's Glitter Tights

These gorgeous glitter tights are a must have this Christmas. They offer class and elegance to your evening attire whilst adding sparkle to create a really Christmassy look. 

glitter tights

Simply Joshimo's Colourful Striped Tights

If you want to be bright and bold this Christmas, whilst staying lovely and warm on your night out, then these striped tights are for you. They come in an array of colours and they really stand out if you want to create a fun Christmassy look. Made from a soft and thick denier, they not only look great but they will keep you feeling cozy and warm in the coming Winter months. 
striped tights

We hope you have a fabulous Christmas and don't forget to tag us in your Christmas Outfits...

Simply Joshimo

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